College Admissions Boot Camp

Overwhelmed by the college admissions essay?
Let the expert guide you through it!

College preparation has become a grueling and elusive process. With so many students hailing perfect grade-point averages and impressive résumés, universities expect applicants to write insightful and entertaining essays that reveal the person behind the grades. Yet, most students are unprepared to summarize their unique qualities in a one-page essay. They procrastinate, misinterpret instructions, and fail to get their voices across. The result: sloppy essays that won't help them make the cut.

However, with one-on-one instruction by an accomplished college writing instructor, students will generate ideas and complete essays that reflect their personalities and set their applications apart from the elite pack.

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Expert Instruction
  • Available on Skype
  • Group Sessions