College Admissions Boot Camp
Connie - Takoma Park, MD

"Jill Rendelstein assisted my daughter with writing her college essays. The result was wildly successful and I highly recommend Jill. Johanna was a student at the Field School in DC and her high school college counselors were very impressed with her college essays- I think they were a strong component for her acceptance in almost all of the schools she applied for and her being granted a significant scholarship at her top choice school. But perhaps most important was when Jo told me that her tutoring with Jill spilled over into her high school English writing- it boosted her confidence to know how to organize her thinking, begin with something to grab the reader, have a perspective of the reader and to portray her values and views with passion. She actually felt sorry for her friends facing a blank sheet of paper and not knowing how to begin. Thank you, Jill!"

- Proud parent,
daughter accepted to Ohio Wesleyan University

Merlyn - Bethesda, MD

"When he called, my Yale admissions officer said he really liked the essay!"
(Coached Merlyn through three major college admissions essays).

- A Blair High School student (Magnet Program)
Accepted to Yale University

Carita - Washington, DC

"Cadeem, then a rising high school senior, was well equipped to write (with Jill) his college entrance Personal Statement, Brag Sheet, Scholarship Essays (received a full ride for his freshman year) and other important papers as a direct result of his tutoring sessions wish Jill. He enhanced his skills, gained self-confidence and leveraged his authentic voice through his writings--priceless! I would encourage anyone to secure her services as an investment in one’s future!"

- Proud parent,
son accepted to University of Maryland

Payam - College Park, MD

"Jill was an extreme pleasure to work with, and a real treasure. In high school, I applied to MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Maryland, and she helped me write three stellar application essays for each school. She has a remarkable ability to read people and help them channel their truest self. It was one of the few required writing assignments of my life that I really enjoyed and gave me an insight into myself, not to mention got me into some of the world's finest schools. I would recommend Jill to anyone who is looking for an insight into themselves and to hone their ability to talk about themselves without conceit or shame."

Accepted to Maryland University

BJ - McLean, VA

"My 11th grade English teacher and my college guidance counselor both loved the college admissions essays. Thank you so much for aiding me in this process. You've raised my chances of getting into the school of my dreams. I will definitely refer you to some of my friends at school, unless they interfere in my essay time!!!"
(Coached BJ through two major college admissions essays).

- A Potomac High School student

Julie - Silver Spring, MD

"My parents do not have an English background, so I learned language and composition at school. But I lacked a creative edge to my writing, and essays written for English classes were always formulaic and didactic. Jill brought creativity and spontaneity into my writing, and smoothed my structural problems. Because of her, I'm beginning to love writing... for myself, and not just for school."
(Coached Julie through three major college admissions essays).

- A Blair High School student (Magnet Program)
Accepted to Yale University

Jon - Bethesda, MD

"Jill was a great help. To start, she was very accommodating with my tight schedule. She took the time to look over my papers before we actually met so that she could fully understand what I was trying to convey and give me the best possible help in person. Our sessions went really well. She helped me rearrange my thoughts within a well-defined structure and with a consistent theme. Awesome!"
(Georgetown University first rejected Jon on the basis of his original essay).

- A college student applying to graduate school business programs
Accepted to Georgetown University

Golnar - McLean, VA

"Ms. Rendelstein's assistance with my graduate school admissions essay helped improve my personal statement considerably. Ms. Rendelstein's edits, suggestions, and comments produced a more polished final draft. Before I approached her, a number of professional writers had read my essay and thought it was excellent in its current state. However, after I worked with Mrs. Rendelstein it became evident that she guided my writing to an entirely different level. I strongly recommend Ms. Rendelstein's tutorial services--regardless if you are a high school, undergraduate, or postgraduate student."

- A professional applying to graduate school